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Little Bach 2024
Extended Care Sign-Up Form

Terms and Conditions:

I the undersigned, as the parent or guardian of the child named above, grant permission for the child herein named to participate in extended care (8:30-9am, 3:30-5pm) during Little Bach 2024, to be held from June 10-14 at New Heart Music Ministries. Furthermore, I, on behalf of myself and any other parent or guardian of the child herein named, do hereby absolve New Heart Music Ministries and its employees, teachers, and volunteers, except where such waiver is prohibited by law, of any responsibility in the event of accident or injury. In the case of an emergency where I cannot be reached, I grant permission for my child to receive any necessary medical attention and service, as determined by medical personnel or New Heart Music Ministries staff that are present. I consent to take full financial responsibility for any and all medical services rendered, and consent for my health insurance company to be billed for any and all medical fees and services deemed necessary.

Thank you for submitting! To complete your enrollment, please pay the extended care fee of $100.

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